Samstag, 8. November 2014

The Funky Side of Goldband / Anla Records

Tramp Records is about to release some more funky music. The latest LP features tracks off the Goldband / Anla records catalogue that feature that gritty and intense soul sound that we have come to expect from the south german label.

The history of Goldband records is a long one and it doesn't all have to do with soul music. Eddie Shuler, the man behind the label put all of his passion in this project and created a number of sub-labels like Anla records, which featured more funk and soul artists like Clifton White, Soul Senders or Count Rockin' Sidney. So what you can hear on this record is a nice combination of rhythm and blues with some heavy funk and soul influences. Other names Lee Bernard or The Showboats also show up on this one beside Chester Randle's fantastic "Soul Brother Testify".  Most of the tracks are from the 60s and 70s period where the label featured lots of funky artists among on the otherwise Country and Cajun music based catalogue.

Get the full stream and LP/Download on Bandcamp.

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