Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Miramode Orchestra - Tumbler

You might find it easy to file Miramode Orchestra's warm grooves and mellow vocals under jazz - and yes, the tracks on "Tumbler" could easily make it on any Jazz Sampler, your personal Chill-Out playlist or those tracks your friends will ask you for at the next party - but there are also some musical spaces in between that take this record out of the ordinary.

The album marks the Berlin-based bands second album. It features various sonic experiments from Electronica to string arrangements that move well within easy accessible genre-elements. Its all centered around positive vibes and nice rythmic patterns.The group features seven instrumentalists and three additional vocalists in Inez Schäfer, Mara von Ferne and Dan Freeman. "Tumbler" certainly doesn't rest on the easy-listening level but develops its own warm and unique sounding structures around well known conventions as it builds up and breaks down tensions, varies rhythms and slightly but effectively experiments in style.

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Dienstag, 21. März 2017

Easy Money - Collection 79-82

The group's name sounds like a big and classic rock band from the 80s and well, if you hit the play button below you will find some truth in this, at least quality-wise - but since the four Canadians split up before they could amount to anything big it was now up to Neon Taste Records to reissue a collection of fantastic tracks from the aforementioned era.

What you will find here is nothing less than first class pop songs clothed in dirty, guitar-laden punk tracks. The record features the band's only two singles released in 1980 an another nine songs taken from two-track demos. Listening to this energized and authentic rock music its really a shame there's not much more out there about this group.

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Dog in The Snow - The Hunger Tower

Delving through fragile soundscapes and lyrical vocals UKs Dog In The Snow delivers an intriguing track in "The Hunger Tower" as a first taste for her full-length album.

There is an epic and floating character about the song that lives off spheric electronic sounds and oddly rhythmic guitar tracks. Helen, head of this one-woman-project, creates a dark and yet beautiful atmosphere. Her voice soars on top this slowly moving and thoughtful composition as she unfolds abstract and personal thoughts. The full album "Consume Me" will be available on Battle Records in late October.

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