Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Medicine for a Nightmare

A Mos Eisley Music Contemporary Rock Compilation

includes Coverart by Alex Andreyev, "Liner Notes" and every track in mp3 format. Head to the artist's pages to get high quality copies.

Medicine for a Nightmare is a compilation packed with recent songs by incredibly talented and underrated bands spanning multiple rock genres - coming to you for free!

First off with Chicago Stone Lightning Band and The Royal Artillery we have two of the most hardest rocking blues bands your dad has never heard of. Undead Apes and Surprise Wasp contribute some of the finest punk sounds you will find on the australian continent. From Scandinavia we have retro rockers Doublestone from Copenhagen and with Sweden's Greenleaf one of the brightest stars in the stoner rock olymp. The Kamals and Peace Killers both kick in with some dirty blues while The Future Has Beens proof to be a major riff force from England. Mutts show that you don't even need a guitar to rock just as hard if you only know how to use your keyboard. As the Compilation goes on it is getting a little bit heavier as Vaz appears as probably the loudest bands on this planet and Wo Fat's strong riffs are the fundament to what has to be the most badass chorus in "Lost Highway". We're getting more and more psychdelic towards the end with the Zig Zags' still pretty heavy "Monster Mountain" and what can i say about Adrift For Days? "Back Of The Beyond" just has to be the best trip you've been on for quite some time - guaranteed. All in all this is a pretty all-round rock compilation giving you the chance to discover some of the most exciting bands out there today - don't miss it!

Thanks to all the bands and labels who participated and made this compilation happen:

"Girlfriend Gone" by Chicago Stone Lightning Band from Chicago
taken from the s/t album. check it out on Bandcamp.

"Case Of Fidelity" by Greenleaf from Sweden
Song taken from "Nest Of Vipers". Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Brian Ferry" by Undead Apes from Brisbane
Song taken from their "Pick Your King" EP. Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Johnny Cash Invents The Blues" by The Royal Artillery from Brisbane
taken from "Odds & Ends". Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Junior" by Mutts from Chicago
taken from "The Tells Of Parallels" EP. Check it out here.
Or head to their homepage to listen to the latest album "Object Permanence".

"Black Death" by The Future Has Beens from England
taken from "Black Death". Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Number One Fan" by Peace Killers from Sacramento
taken from "EP 2013" check it out on Bandcamp.

"Don't Do What Danny Don't" by Surprise Wasp from Sydney
taken from "Surprise Wasp vs Glitter Canyon". Check out more songs on ReverbNation.

"Save Our Souls" by Doublestone from Copenhagen
taken from "Wingmakers". Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Lost Highway" by Wo Fat from Dallas
taken from "The Black Code". Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Happy E" by The Kamals from Oklahoma City
taken from "The Kamals" EP. Check it out on Bandcamp.
Or listen to their latest album "Dwellers".

"Armbone" by Vaz from New York
taken from their brand new album "Visiting Hours". Check it out on Bandcamp.

"Monster Wizard" by Zig Zags from Los Angeles
taken from their "Scavenger/Monster Wizard" 7Inch. Listen on Bandcamp.

"Back Of The Beyond" by Adrift For Days from Sydney
Song taken from "Come Midnight...". Check it out on Bandcamp.

Coverart by Alex Andreyev from St. Petersburg
Check out his Website.
Or give him a like on Facebook.

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