Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Pulsion

Just recently Master Conga and his Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra released their new record "Pulsion" which marks their second album after thir debut "Last Oddissey". It features 16 new tracks and will see its vinyl release in late October.

Though the name Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra already names a few elements that might describe the group's sound, there is yet more to it. The grooves are based on a multilayered fundament of instrumentation that includes guitars, keyboards, brass and an active strings section. The sounds of this ensemble always display a dynamic character that focusses on creating moods and intense atmospheres. There is certainly a unique approach in the band's music that creates a very own style of grooves somewhere between the roots of jazz, funk and latin, flavoured with some slight psychedelic aspects.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp.

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