Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Esben Brandt - Constants

One word that comes to mind when thinking of Esben Brandt's music is definitely "soothing". Thats how you could describe the guitarist's last album featuring Fredrik Ljungkvist and it is also fitting for his new record "Constants".

Here he is joined by notable names like RJ Miller on drums, Tomasz Dabrowski on trumpet and Anders Christensen on Bass. Aside from the uptempo track "Three Melodies" this album by the acclaimed Danish jazz composer is more about the aforementioned calm moods and melodies. Now you might call it Nordic Jazz tradition, music for quiet moments or something like that but this will only tell you half the story. Sure you will find some nice tunes to kick your feet back on this album but taking a closer look at how those soothing moods are constructed you will see that there is more to this album. Tracks like "The Story" or "Curie" are good examples of how all instruments blend together perfectly into an quiet ocean of sounds where here and there some waves of beautiful melodies seem to evolve.

Stream some tracks off the album on Soundcloud or get more infos on Brandt's homepage.

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