Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Ezra Weiss Sextet - Before You Know It

Over the last few years jazz pianist Ezra Weiss has managed to make a name for himself as a talented composer and arranger. On his recent album "Before You Know It" he is playing a number of original compositions in his hometown Portland.

His reputation might also be the reason why he gathered a group of notable names for this record like  Farnell Newton on trumpet, John Nastos on alto saxophone, Devin Phillips on tenor saxophone, Jon Shaw on bass, and drummer Christopher Brown. Each composition is based on a great deal of harmony - between the notes and between the players. It also shows on the playful and dynamic uptempo tracks like "Five A.M. Strut" or the opener "The Crusher". But it's the calm and soothing character of tracks like "Before You Know It" that will stay with you after listening to this album.

You can get a preview on Soundcloud or get more infos at Weiss' homepage.

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