Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Julia Kadel Trio - Im Vertrauen

With Kekko Fornarelli, The North or Gogo Penguin this year has already some terrific albums by piano jazz trios but let me just add another one coming from Germany. Julia Kadel released her debut "Im Vertrauen" this summer featuring Steffen Roth on Drums and Karl-Erik Enkelmann on Bass.

You will find a lot of song-like compositions on this record that often blend into solo passages in which every member exactly knows how to fit into his or her role. While the focus rests on Kadel's piano she frequently makes room for her fellow musicians to play a more dominant part. "Im Vertrauen" showcases a perfect balance between solid songwriting and a dynamic playfulness, between the planned and the improvised. There's also a certain element of classical piano education that shines through tracks like "Alles Wolken" which is embedded in the trio's versatile sound.

You can stream a few clips on Soundcloud or listen to some older tracks on Bandcamp.

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