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Best Of November '14

Soul Revolution - Soul Rev Strikes!

The freshest Hip Hop Soul combination aka Soul Rev from the French west coast is back. "Soul Rev Strikes!" is the successor of lasts years "One More Time" by the dynamic producer duo Brother Lion and Dreego. Again its that positive Neo-Soul and Rap flavour that flows through every track on this record. The numerous guest appearances by Nuclear, D’oz, Natty & Blew, Low, Juice, P. Lasret and many more put that exquisite vocal flow in Soul Rev's sound. Raps in french, english or spanish and soothing soul singing - it all blends together perfectly on this album...more

 Mt. Mountain - EP

Mt. Mountain is a five piece rock band from Perth that will take you on an intense psychedelic trip. Combining interesting moods with a floating blues character this group really creates an indivdual approach to the rock genre. Their latest release which is plainly entitled "EP" features five excellent tracks. From the start this record knows how to impresss with a kind of mood that will be your best friend while relaxing or a late night's drive...more

Wordsworth & Hex One - Buy Time

The new single "Buy Time" by Wordsworth is an incredible laid back rap track with jazz samples and great production by Monowax. The virtual B-side features an equally impressive tune in "Soul on Paper" by Hex One. Emotional lyrics over a dusty and grooving beat make this one a real stunner. Take this small release as an introduction to more great rap music you will explore through these artists and this label...more

Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock and Country 1966-1985

There is no doubt that Light In The Attic Records releases some of the best compilations out there - just take the their Stax selection or the Country Funk series as an example. The latest project focusses on North American records from the 1966-1985 period. Kevin “Sipreano” Howes is the man who traveled and collected these 34 records for about 15 years for this excellent sampler. A lot of the tunes you will hear on this one never made it out of their local communities. Various genres like folk, country, rock and other native sounds make this record not only a documentation of a country's music history but also some great melodies, melancholic moods and original rock music....more

Julia Kadel Trio - Im Vertrauen

With Kekko Fornarelli, The North or Gogo Penguin this year has already some terrific albums by piano jazz trios but let me just add another one coming from Germany. Julia Kadel released her debut "Im Vertrauen" this summer featuring Steffen Roth on Drums and Karl-Erik Enkelmann on Bass. You will find a lot of song-like compositions on this record that often blend into solo passages in which every member exactly knows how to fit into his or her role. While the focus rests on Kadel's piano she frequently makes room for her fellow musicians to play a more dominant part. "Im Vertrauen" showcases a perfect balance between solid songwriting and a dynamic playfulness, between the planned and the improvised...more

Sioux - The One And The Many

The first thing you will notice listening to this album is its bold approach to heavy riffs and slow stomping rhythms. Tracks like "Faithless" are the perfect example of how easy songwriting can be if you just put the right effort in the way you execute. But don't get me wrong, there are some great guitar and vocal harmonies on this LP and this band is never shy of creating some haunting psychedelic moods. Maybe it is even that crack between the slow heavy and the quiet (somehow still heavy) that makes this album so spectacular. Or maybe it's not that complicated at all and it's just great and intense rock music...more

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