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Mos Eisley Music's 2014 in Funk & Soul

Browse through a list of some great Funk & Soul albums that were posted on the blog this year. There is no intention behind the particular order in which the records appear. If you don't feel like reading, scroll down and listen to the Youtube Playlist.

Mr. Bird & Greg Blackman - Low Fi Classics

Mr. Bird teamed up with UK soul singer Greg Blackman to create an album full of old school soul feelings packed in a new school outfit. "Low Fi Classics" features that sweet and soulful production that still has a gritty and fresh feeling to it. There's probably no better place for a man like Greg Blackman to spread some nice lyrics than in this classy environment...more

Lack Of Afro - Music For Adverts

Besides playing one or two instruments Adam Gibbons really knows how to write some sweet and grooving soul tracks. His latest album "Music For Adverts" that was released early this year features various of those tunes plus some great instrumentals. Fresh production and an incredible Jack Tyson-Charles who sings on several tracks make this record one of the best this year...more

Soul Revolution - Soul Rev Strikes!

The freshest Hip Hop Soul combination aka Soul Rev from the French west coast is back. "Soul Rev Strikes!" is the successor of lasts years "One More Time" by the dynamic producer duo Brother Lion and Dreego. Again its that positive Neo-Soul and Rap flavour that flows through every track on this record. The numerous guest appearances by Nuclear, D’oz, Natty & Blew, Low, Juice, P. Lasret and many more put that exquisite vocal flow in Soul Rev's sound. Raps in french, english or spanish and soothing soul singing - it all blends together perfectly on this album. And let's not forget about the flawless production on the beats and instrumentals that create that fresh Soul Rev character. Don't miss out on this one, you will miss it at the latest when you start strolling the sunny streets next spring....more

Third Coast Kings - West Grand Boulevard

The first album of the dynamic funk ensemble from Detroit already showcased some great potential and funky tracks. On "West Grand Boulevard" the Third Coast Kings take the next step by including even more talented singers like Michelle Camilleri or Sean Ike to the album's roster and putting some nice and jazzy moods in tracks like "Jelly Roll". Or just take a listen to the opening funk-bomb "Ice Cream Man"...more

The Eminent Stars - Sittin' In

Another dynamic and talented Funk and Soul band that released a record with some great singers this year is located in the Netherlands. The Eminent Stars are a classic soul band that has everything to compete with the best of them. From great instrumental tracks like the opener "Ben's Dungeon" to slow soul tunes like "Good Woman" or uptempo tunes "The Club" - you will all find it here and it's quality stuff - guaranteed!...more

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