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Mos Eisley Music's 2014 in Rap

Browse through a list of some great Hip Hop albums that were posted on the blog this year. There is no intention behind the particular order in which the records appear. If you don't feel like reading, scroll down and listen to the Youtube Playlist.

The 1978ers - People Of Today

Producer Slimkat and rapper yU teamed up for one of the freshest Hip Hop releases you've heard in a while. The album "People Of Today" was released recently by the great folks of the Mello Music Group, who also supported yU's record "The Earn" a few years ago. Hip Hop with a lot of soul and an album that shows no weaknesses from the first till the last note....more

Pete Flux & Parental - Travelling Thought

On their single "Right Here" you could already hear that producer Parental and rapper Pete Flux combine for some high quality music. So it wasn't really a surprise that the following record "Travelling Thought" would end up on a list like this one. Laid back vibes and an incredible flow are the trademarks of this outstanding album.....more

Context & Jimmy Flipshyt - Fire In The Basement

With Context and Jimmy Flipshyt one of the funkiest Hip Hop duos of the last years return. Just listen to their last EP "The Shadows" and you will know what this incredible australian collaboration is able to do with their combination of beats and rhymes. The new EP is called "Fire In The Basement" and features another 8 excellent tracks. You will also find guest appearances by BVA, P.Smurf, Sinks, Statovmind, Mattrix and Dane One who contribute several verses. It's the kind of Hip Hop that will make you nod your head to positive vibes and fresh productions...more

Kista & Glad2Mecha - Collecting Dust

Another outstanding release you better not sleep on is Kista and Glad2Mecha's collaboration in "Collecting Dust". It's that simple and old school recipy: a talented producer with his solid beats and an MC just doing his thing. If the quality is there that's all you need and there can be no doubt that you will find quality on this record.Tracks like "Nouns and Verbs" or "Dreamchaser" capture that hip hop spirit that you will only find on a few albums out there...more

Revolutionary Rhythm - The Art Gallery

It's all about the positive rap vibes on Revolutionary Rhythms' "The Art Gallery". The trio from California consists of DJ Million Faces and two incredible MCs. The different flows of Kid Abstrakt and Predominance blend perfectly in the group's sound.On "The Art Gallery" you will find 13 free downloadable tracks that will take you on a journey through their impressive catalogue...more.

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