Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Hypercolor - Hypercolor

Many bands have wandered the line between rock and jazz music and you certainly have to put rock in the conversation when you listen to the sounds of Hypercolor's guitarist Eyal Maoz. But there are still a lot more facets to this dynamic trio's selftitled debut on tzadic records.

There are nice harmonies, chaotic squeaking noises (there's a reason why the opener is entitled "squeaks") and everything in between that a mostly crunchy and distorted guitar sound can convey. The trio is completed by James Ilgenfritz on bass and Lukas Ligeti on drums. There are moments on this album that might give you the impression that each member is playing a different song, but only to unite eventually in great harmonies that display quite the opposite with their simplicity. On a total of 10 tracks you will experience all kinds of different moods as in the fast and dynamic opener to a slow track like "Little Brother" that builds on a strong tension in it's eleven minutes playing time.

Get the full stream on Bandcamp before the official release in just a few days.

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