Montag, 9. März 2015

Etienne De La Sayette - EP 1 & 2

I might have been a little lazy not posting Etienne de la Sayette's first incredible EP a while ago but the very quick successor on Paris DJs is definitely a reason to tell everyone about it.

You can still hear only 4 tracks by Multiinstrumentalist Etienne de la Sayette on both releases but there really is a lot to discover on those tunes. A cinematic vibe surrounds the vital grooves on both records. While "I'm So Cool In Seoul" starts with  a mesmerizing organ theme and a slow pace, the mood changes very quickly to the lively "Lord Bougainvillard" with its afrobeat features. The second EP contains another stunning rhythm in "Jungle Blue" and a more psychedelic approach in "Han Gang".

Get the releases on Bandcamp.

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