Samstag, 28. März 2015

Sleep Sinatra - Shamaniq

This might not be the first time you read the name Sleep Sinatra on this blog but this is the first time I can introduce you to a full-length album. "Shamaniq" was released in late February and features 18 original tracks by the rapper from Lincoln.

The first single "Metroid's Dungeon" was already a nice taste of the quality that you could expect on this record just like the various collaborations with talented MCs and producers like Static Soul, ICHIBANHASHFACE, Verbal Kent and any more. What the track didn't show was the overall more laid back character that this album presents. Tracks like "Cryostasis" or "GodsClocktower" showcases the calm yet intense vibes perfectly in which Sleep Sinatra's voice is the main element that flows flawlessly over the minmalistic beats. But there are still some other things you can discover on "Shamaniq" - so head over to the the full stream on Bandamp.

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