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Alex Jønsson - Spy On Your Friends

Danish guitarist and member of Jakob Sørensen's "Bagland"  Alex Jønsson just released a record of his own in "Spy On Your Friends". The album features a classic jazz trio lineup with Jønsson being accompanied by Jens Mikkel Madsen on bass and Andreas Skamy on drums.

The overall sound of the music is a quiet one though tracks like "War is Peace" show some intense vibes. There is a floating character to every tune - Jønsson's guitar is circling effortlessly around simple and beautiful melodies to create haunting moments once improvisation and melodies collide. But it seems as if those moments are not the main focus of the group -  It is more about the floating, the steady and calm movement of the tracks that create an exciting tension in an otherwise minimal musical landscape. On a total of nine tracks the trio exercises this approach in an impressive and soothing fashion.

Stream one track on Soundcloud and/or get more info on the trio's website.


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