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Best Of March '15

Little Big Wolf - Pinkie Brown's House

Though things like the blues will probably never get old you still have to treat them in an original and exciting fashion - and that is exactly what you can hear on Little Big Wolf's new album "Pinkie Brown's House". It marks the band's second release and features seven rough and swampy blues nuggets. The first single output "She Puts The Sun" is a dynamic uptempo tune that already underlined the group's potential...more

The Soul Surfers - You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love (feat. Myron & E)

As a special treat and first taste of the new album by the Russian funk ensemble The Soul Surfers Ubiquity Records will release the stunning lead-off single "You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) From My Love" in May. The single features an original soul groove and the incredible Myron & E on vocals who have a reputation for collaborating with talented instrumental groups. After the previous single "Doin' The Rasklad" the full-length release "Soul Rock" is finally on the horizon which will see the light of day later this year - a listen to this track will give you a lot of reasons to look forward to day...more

Grieg - Retaliate First

Grieg from from Brisbane are probably one of the finest heavy things you've heard in a while. If you look at the personnel it turns out it's not really a big surprise: Alex (No Anchor), John (Undead Apes) and Tamara (Hits)  are truly veterans in the Australian rock scene and are taking their sounds on the group's debut album "Retaliate First" to another level. There are a lot of heavy elements coming together in this music: Noisy and extreme guitars, varying song structures and mostly punk vocals that sometimes shift to very harsh shouts. The overall very brutal sound is balanced with some slight punk rock elements and a very dynamic approach in songwriting...more

Sleep Sinatra - Shamaniq

This might not be the first time you read the name Sleep Sinatra on this blog but this is the first time I can introduce you to a full-length album. "Shamaniq" was released in late February and features 18 original tracks by the rapper from Lincoln. The first single "Metroid's Dungeon" was already a nice taste of the quality that you could expect on this record just like the various collaborations with talented MCs and producers like Static Soul, ICHIBANHASHFACE, Verbal Kent and any more. What the track didn't show was the overall more laid back character that this album presents. Tracks like "Cryostasis" or "GodsClocktower" showcases the calm yet intense vibes perfectly in which Sleep Sinatra's voice is the main element that flows flawlessly over the minmalistic beats...more

David Philips - If I Had Wings

After listening to the first single "Angel" you could already tell that David Philips' fourth record "If I Had Wings" would be a good one. Now it is here and it's definitely living up to the expectations. David Philips is not only the singer and songwriter behind all ten tracks, he is also behind every other instrument you will hear on this album (he even created the cover art) except for some drums and the saxophone in "Venomous Soul". The guitar and soulful singing blend perfectly with the minimal instrumentation that also includes various electronic elements. Philips is always keeping it simple though he manages to stretch a number of tunes beyond the seven minute mark. This might be due to the fact that he knows when he's got a good vibe going and he surely knows how to make the most of it through simple solos and just some nice and calming moods...more

Etienne De La Sayette - EP 1&2 

I might have been a little lazy not posting Etienne de la Sayette's first incredible EP a while ago but the very quick successor on Paris DJs is definitely a reason to tell everyone about it. You can still hear only 4 tracks by Multiinstrumentalist Etienne de la Sayette on both releases but there really is a lot to discover on those tunes. A cinematic vibe surrounds the vital grooves on both records. While "I'm So Cool In Seoul" starts with  a mesmerizing organ theme and a slow pace, the mood changes very quickly to the lively "Lord Bougainvillard" with its afrobeat features. The second EP contains another stunning rhythm in "Jungle Blue" and a more psychedelic approach in "Han Gang"...more

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