Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

David Berkman - Old And New Friends

Pianist and composer David Berkman just released his recent album which appears on Palmett Records. The fact that he worked on this record with some long time companions and some more recent fellow musicians is simply put in the title "Old And New Friends"

Right from the first notes you can tell the fresh jazz approach in Berkman's tracks. His band features saxophonists Dayna Stephens, Adam Kolker, Billy Drewes, bassist Linda Oh and Brian Blade on drums. The music really sounds like a group of friends having fun putting some colour in brand new jazz compositions. So there's a very playful and lively character to tracks like "No Blues No Really No Blues" or "Up Jumped Ming". Other tunes like "West 180th Street" feature more of a quiet and maybe even cinematic vibe. It's that old recipe of great melody lines that lead to passages of improvisation and back again - a standard outfit but exercised in a very beautiful way with positive moods.

Stream a few tracks on Soundcloud.

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