Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

NDR Bigband - Tall Tales Of Jasper County

When you talk about great bigbands you always have to put Hamburg's NDR Bigband in the conversation. So it was no surprise that when Composer Dale Wilson wrote the tracks for "Tall Tales Of Jasper County" he decided to let this group of talented musicians play his arrangements.

As Wilson states this is a very personal album that deals with a history of his family in the rural midwest. It features solo appearances by Lutz Buechner, Gary Husband and winds player Fiete Felsch. The luxury of having a bigband behind you shows in the versatile sounds that you can hear on "Tall Tales Of Jasper County". The vibes vary from the quiet jazz ensemble in a dusty bar, the beautiful melodies of the open landscapes and the huge brass sounds of joyful times. It all comes together in one musical story with dynamic and intense scenes that ends in a harmonic reprise.

Get an impression in the clips below or get more info on Inarhyme records' homepage.

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