Samstag, 15. August 2015

Configa & HasStyle - The Calm Before Hastility EP

Here's another top class rap release coming to you in the form of an 8-track EP featuring the seriously dope combination of UK producer Configa on the beats NY-based rapper Hastyle.

The name of this funky hip hop-monster is "The Calm Before Hastility" and it's everything that an oldschool b-boy could wish for. Basically this is just about a producer and an MC doing their thing and you can tell that they're enjoying it by the vibes on the tracks. There's a positive and highly entertaining character to every tune on this release which should find a spot in your (digital) record collection very soon. Also look out for the "Hastility" LP coming later this year.

Get some clips on Bandcamp or stream "Wut You Got" in the video below.

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