Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

The Greg Foat Group - The Dancers At The Edge Of Time

There is a reason why The Greg Foat Group marks some of the few contemporary recordings in the Jazzman Records roster. The previous album "Girl And Robot With Flowers" was already an incredible piece of retrofuturistic jazz-soundscapes. 

The new record "The Dancers At The Edge Of Time" shows a slightly different approach which is also due to the extravagant recording setting. The preference for analog equipment is accompanied by the special feature of recording in an ancient church at the Isle of Wight. So it's no wonder that a powerful organ is a part of the sound. The tracks are as haunting as the beautiful cover art suggests. A floating character and intense melodies transform every composition into a unique piece of art. But you will also find highly dynamic and classic jazz tune like "Riff for Raff". So this is might not music from outer space but definitely jazz sounds taken to another sphere.

Stream the clips on Soundcloud or listen to the full album on Youtube (for non German users).

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