Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Best Of August '15

Demon Head - Ride The Wilderness

You just have to love what Denmark's Demon Head are offering on their recent doom rock release. "Ride The Wilderness" is a tribute to the retro rock sound and yet such a unique piece of contemporary rock'n'roll music in itself. The doom character on this record doesn't evolve through dark or atmospheric moods but more through a Uncle Acid kinda grooving vibes. And without sounding primitive or predictable the songs are surprisingly catchy. So apart from riffs and rumbling rhythms you will also find on point songwriting on "Ride The Wilderness".The number of bands trying to archieve this sound is immense but you rarely hear it executed so exclusively well as in this case....more

Grizzly Gato -While You Were Sleeping

Hailing from New York City the Grizzly Gato rap duo just released an incredible album called "While You Were Sleeping".  The group consists of Oddy Gato, Grizzly Grimace and a timeless hip hop approach. This is dirty rap over flawless and fresh beats. There have already been a few single releases featuring some nice visuals for the outstanding tracks "Pork Belly" and "Wieners" (videos below). You will find funky and old school vibes in every tune on this record and the dope combination of beats and rhymes show that this is a collaboration that just had to be done... more

Roots Magic - Hoodoo Blues & Roots Magic

Roots Magic is an Italian ensemble putting their jazzy blues interpretation in classic tunes by blues and jazz legends. The new album "Hoodoo Blues & Roots Magic" is out on Clean Feed Records. The group that also contributes two original tracks on album consists of Alberto Popolla on clarinets, Errico Defabritiis on alto sax, Gianfranco Tedeschi on double bass, Fabrizio Spera on drums and guest Luca Venitucci on organ. As much as this record is about the blues it is also about various other musical genres that the blues is implemented in here. So you will find free jazz tracks, slow jams, afro grooves and many more...more

Strange Faith - Love & Poverty

It seems like the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and producer Benedic Lamdin (Nostalgia 77) is always involved in an exciting music project - On the upcoming album "Love & Poverty" he teams up with country/soul voice Jeb Loy Nichols. With this combination you certainly can't go wrong. Lamdin's on point instrumentation and Nichol's soothing vocals are just a thing of beauty as you can witness in the first single "Walking Over". The album will be released next month on Tru Thoughts...more

Indian Handcrafts - Creeps (first single)

The successor of Indian Handcrafts' incredible "Civil Disobedience For Losers" is on its way. "Creeps" will drop in early October this year on Sargent House and it looks like we're in for another heavy gem. The first single "It's late Queeny" is already available and features everything you love about this band, the heavy riffs, stomping rhythms and harsh vocals. So no surprises so far - but who wouldn't let these guys just do their thing?..more

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