Freitag, 25. September 2015

Doctor Doom - This Seed We Have Sown

Don't let the cover art above mislead you - Doctor Doom from France might incorporate some retro doom elements in their sound but that is only one of the many features they borrowed from the 60s/70s rock era.

The new album "This Seed We Have Sown" was released on Ripple Music back in july and will get some vinyl treatment by STB Records at the end of this month. The band's sound might be rooted in a long gone era but it is what they make of it that makes this album so great. The original character of this approach lies in the way these rock elements are put together and authentically brought to your speakers. Driving heavy blues rhythms, stoner riffs, open song structures and splendid vocals make this album definitely one of the better rock releases this year has seen.

Get the stream and Bandcamp or watch the video to "So Jinxed" below.

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