Montag, 14. September 2015

Radare - Im Argen

Four years after releasing their last album "Hyrule" Radare from Wiesbaden are all set to drop their new and deeply moving new record "Im Argen" later this month.

Created by four guys playing drums, guitar, bass, keys, clarinet and trombone the five tracks on this album illustrate a minimalistic and yet very intense musical journey. Quiet soundscapes that seem to express an endless sadness characterize this highly cinematic approach. The floating nature of the music finds its beauty in the effective repetition of simple and haunting melodies. And there really is beauty on this album - it keeps lurking here and there between the depressive vibes and keeps building to a truly joyful and monumental climax in the final track "Distress".

Get the album on Golden Antenna records' website (out on September 25) and/or watch the great video for "Burroughs" below.

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