Montag, 7. September 2015

Romain Collin - Press Enter

Last year french-born pianist Romain Collin from New York made a tremendous impact on this blog with his trio "The North" - now he is back with a new solo effort "Press Enter" and his debut on ACT Music.

On this album you will find another excellent example of Collin's melodic songwriting and his sense for beautiful harmonies. Besides interpretations of tunes by Justin Vernon and Thelonious Monk "Press Enter" consists of eight original compositions. From dramatic tracks like "Event Horizon", to playful notes in "The Kids", an emotional hymn in "San Luis Obispo" or top class modern jazz piano vibes in "Raw, Scorched and Untethered"  - it is all there. There are cinematic vibes to every song. Collin is truly painting landscapes with his music and you don't want to miss the view.

Stream some tracks on Soundcloud, the label's page, or listen below.

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