Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

Hidden Jazz Quartett - Raw and Cooked (preview)

Although the name of Hanover's Hidden Jazz Quartett has already reverberated through the international music scene and featured in various compilations, there hasn't been an official release - this is about to change early next year with the group's debut "Raw And Cooked".

Based around mastermind Ral Zitzmann's visions this ensemble is playing a dynamic and original sound that is blending funk, jazz and soul elements. He gathered a truly talented gang of musicians and some terrific voices in Bajka, Greg Blackman, Omar and Anthony Joseph around him. Though the preview tracks only show a small part of the whole picture of this album, you can already tell that something great is coming your way with "Raw and Cooked" in mid January on Agogo records.

Stream two tracks on Bandcamp.

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