Samstag, 28. November 2015

Teej and Cuth - Seven Ages

British producer Cuth is once again part of a great hip hop duo after the relase  with his mate Adam earlier this year. The new record "Seven Ages" features rapper Teej who is equally up to the task of rhyming nicely over Cuth's original and soulful beats.

There is an overall more serious vibe on this one which shows in Teej's lyrics and the dusty beats. But this certainly doesn't subtract the dynamics or the quality of their music. A track like "Boy Meets World" is an excellent example for great storytelling and original beatmaking. There's a concept behind the tunes looking at life through the perspective of seven ages. Guest features on this album are provided by Kiran Harrison, Elemental and Cuth's former partner in crime Adam. If you're a fan of the traditional approach to the rap genre "Seven Ages" should definitely be on your list.

Get the full stream and video to "Born Alone" below or on Bandcamp.

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