Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

V​​.​​​/​​A. - Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party 3

You should never change a winning compilation series - and you should never stop putting some fresh and groovy vibes to your otherwise dusty and repeating collection of christmas tunes. Tramp Records' "Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party" series has just seen it's third installment which also marks the label's 50th full-length release.

Sean Delany and Jan Kohlmeyer compiled this new selection of seriously grooving christmas-themed songs. By now it should go without saying that when you see the Tramp logo you can expect high quality and rare records that you can hardly find anywhere else in the world. Just try Joe Shinall's opener "Sock it To 'em Santa" or any of the following tunes and you will be in a very special chistmas mood. Just imagine these tracks being played out there in the stores during Christmas shopping time - it wouldn't be a drag at all.

Get a preview on Soundcloud and a few tracks on Bandcamp.

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