Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Anchorsong - Ceremonial

Not often do you hear an electronic musician making waves with his dynamic live shows. Although Masaaki Yoshida, aka Anchorsong is almost standing still on his MPC 2500 there is something seriously captivating about the way he creates his music.

The name and coverart of his new album "Ceremonial" on Tru Thoughts is a tribute to his inspirations from African music which you can hear on this record. Without stressing how "fresh" and "lively" those African influences might sound it is important to note that the life and dynamic character in this music comes from the way how Anchorsong applies those samples and how he develops his tracks. Yoshida, who is currently residing in London, is really creating an individual style that sounds far more organic than most approaches in the genre. 

Stream "Ceremonial" on Bandcamp.

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