Montag, 18. Januar 2016

FLUX - Voyager

There is certainly something about jazz bands whose leader sits on the drums like Thomas Jakoben's FLUX. If you combine this fact with a certain northern jazz tradition you can expect beautiful and fragile melodies on a solid rhythmic foundation as you can hear on the group's latest album "Voyager".

It marks the band's second album and features Ole Visby on saxophone and clarinet, Søren Møller on piano, Michael Møller Porsborg on guitar and Kenneth Dahl Knudsen on bass. The aforementioned melodic parts are recurring on this record and provide the basic structure for Jakobsen's compositions in a very cinematic fashion. Based around this framework you will find carefully constructed parts of improvisation that can feed the tunes some dynamics. From the slow and calm "Long Johns" to the lively "Parajive" you will find different kinds of moods on this record, though the important thing is that they never stay static throughout the songs - they evolve through the free structures.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud.

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