Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Søren Gemmer - The Lark

Adding new elements to his fragile melodic compositions, Denmark's Søren Gemmer released his new album "The Lark". It marks the successor to his impressing debut "At First" and appears on WhyPlayJazz records.

On a total of 13 tracks Gemmer's Piano is accompanied by Mads La Cour on trumpet, Per Møllehøj on guitar, Tapani Toivanen on bass and Andreas Fryland on drums.This new line-up enables him to add new colours to his music and that is exactly what is happening on this album. "The Lark" still doesn't come as a particular easy digestible record - there are lots of free rhythms, and open ended structures to the songs. So the melodic character of the tunes won't hit you right away but it will appear in beautiful bits and glimpses between otherwise free floating improvisations.

Stream some clips on Soundcloud.

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