Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Frozen Planet.... 1969 - Electric Smokehouse

Lots of fuzzy guitars, a little bit of psychedelia and sheer endless improvisational freedom - that has been the winning recepy ever since for Paul, Lachlan and Frank's Frozen Planet....1969 whose catalogue now features another installment in "Electric Smokehouse".

It marks the band's fourth instrumental record and can be purchased on 12" vinyl. It is certainly not an album that will be remembered for this riff, that chorus or anything else that you can easily pin down and probably won't serve your short attention span. You will have to take the full ride and sink into the bands grooves and dynamics, the building up and breaking down of tension, the rumbling basses and ever-evolving guitar tracks. Any practicing rock musician will find joy in listening to the jams of this band and wish for a teleporter to their rehearsing room.

Get the full album stream on Bandcamp.

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