Montag, 8. Mai 2017

Tiny Legs Tim - Melodium Rag

Although Tim De Graeve aka Tiny Legs Tim is still in his thirties he certainly prefers his sounds vintage. The Belgian guitarist and singer released his full-length solo album "Melodium Rag" earlier this year and combines classic songwriting motives with stripped down instrumentation and recording style.

The record starts off with "Religions Serve the Devil" which also appeared on a single release from last year. Slide guitars, classic lyric motives, gospel-like blues singing parts and guest harmonica player Steven Troch make Tiny Legs Tim's simplistic and humble approach a really joyful listening experience. And despite the limited personnel De Graeve really knows how to dynamically groove along his tunes like the old greats of the genre, while you can picture him sitting in front of a microphone from 1950 playing his 1943 guitar.

Stream his previous single release on Bandcamp or the album on his website.

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