Donnerstag, 28. September 2017

Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die

Although Jaimie Branch is a well-known name in the American jazz scene that appeared in many projects and collaborations, "Fly or Die" is her first release as a band leader. The experimental trumpeter gathered Tomeka Reid on cello, Jason Ajemian on bass, and Chad Taylor on drums to record an interesting and innovative jazz album.

The quartet presents a selection of great and well worked out themes. But mostly this is just the starting point from which the band breaks out into dynamic and effortless jams with Branch's tumpet as the key guidance to the next exciting moment and back into experimental sonic spheres.

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Mittwoch, 27. September 2017

Benjamin Pirani - Dreamin's For Free EP

While soul singer Benjamin Pirani is putting the final touches on his LP, he released a 4-track EP named "Dreamin's For Free" on Colemine Records.

After two successful singles this new digital record of super sweet and mature soul tunes is the logical and impressive consequence. With only 12:47 minutes, this record is a sure contender for your repeat button. Pirani's catchy northern soul approach with a distinct feel for arrangements and melodies is highly addictive.

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Honey - New Moody Judy

With only two days to go until the release of their new album "New Moody Judy", it is time to feature heavy punk rockers Honey from Brooklyn.

The album marks the three piece band's second LP and will appear on Wharf Cat Records. "Dream Come Now" is a first piece of energetic straight out rock and roll off this album that will give you an idea of whats to come. Based on a simple riff this track goes on to offer the full spectrum from driving rhythms to harsh vocals and cutting guitar sounds.

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Freitag, 22. September 2017

Kid Abstrakt & The Deli - Daydreaming

Combining laid back samples from Brazil with a positive rap flow, The Deli and Kid Abstract recently released a smooth record packed with throwback hip hop sounds.

Rapper Kid Abstract is one third of rap crew Revolutionary Rhythm that really knew how to impress in recent years. His partner Predominance adds one verse in "Clouds" and DJ Million Faces provides scratches on several tracks. So its now wonder that you can hear a lot of the group's positive energy in "Daydreaming", with The Deli adding the perfect latin-flavoured backdrop.

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Donnerstag, 21. September 2017

The New Buzz & Karl S. Williams - Valley of Silence

Funk and soul collective The New Buzz from Brisbane have teamed up with singer Karl S. Williams to release an exquisite piece of country soul in "Valley of Silence".

The band has caught people's attention earlier this year when it dropped the highly danceable "Like We Used To". The latest single features a classic approach that is carried out by a passionate Karl Williams on vocals and a smooth performing band.

Get the stream on Bandcamp and don't miss out on the haunting groove on the B-side.

Mammal Hands - Shadow Work

Nowhere you can find such modern and exciting piano-based jazz groups than on Gondwana records. Mammal Hands' debut "Animalia" and sucessor "Floa" established a dynamic blend of floating and dreamy layers while at the same time creating dynamic jazz landscapes.

On October 27 a third album by the trio from Norwich will be released. As the first track "Black Sails" suggests, "Shadow Work" will be an equally captivating and pleasant experience.

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