Montag, 1. September 2014

Klökkeblömst - Romanticist

The first Klökkeblömst album already showcased the highly interesting lineup of acoustic bass, saxophone and drums playing a genuine brand of jazz. Now Peter Danstrup, Anders Banke and Anders Provis are back with "Romanticist" which once again delves into beautiful melodies, slight improvisations and very own moods.

Danstrup's acoustic bass guitar being a dominant instrument really creates an interesting character to the sound of Klökkeblömst. Banke's saxophone is not occupied with the typical role in a jazz trio. It operates more like a singer who is whistling a certain melody that is still flexibly moving while it adapts to the dynamic sounds of the trio. The opener "Gently The Wind Kisses" is already a good example of how the three well known musicians from Denmark approach their song. And with Klökkeblömst we are really talking more about songs than about frameworks to enthusiastic improvisations. They appear here and there but the sweet melodies and nicely arranged moods are what "Romanticist" is really about.

You can get the CD on Peter Danstrup's website.

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