Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Wedge S/T Debut Album on Heavvy Psych Sounds

Yesterday Heavy Psych Sounds announced their new signing which fits in perfectly in their roster of talented bands that celebrate a genuine brand of rock'n'roll. Wedge is a three piece band from Berlin that is about to drop their self titled debut record.

Looking at the picture on the left and listening to the sounds of Wedge you just have to draw that comparison to their fellow Berlin vintage rockers Kadavar and there certainly are similarities here. A song like "Easy Chair" underlines that fact pretty good but it also shows an individual approach to those sabbath-like rock sounds a lot of bands are craving for these days.

But most importantly they got the riffs, the vocals and the jams that it takes to play an interesting and highly entertaining style of rock and roll music. Wedge also enjoy some slow moments to build a certain tension in their tracks and the use of some slight keyboard sounds here and there.

The LP will be out in November. You can already listen and/or download some tracks on their Soundcloud.

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