Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Outhead - Send this Sound to the King

Being influenced by various genres like punk rock, Alex Weiss, alto saxophonist and member of the group Outhead, might not be your typical jazz saxophone player. On "Send this Sound to the King" he rejoins with his fellow musicians Charlie Gurke (baritone saxophone), Rob Woodcock (Bass) and Dillon Westbrook (Drums) to play an highly interesting brand of jazz.

Though I can't seem to recognize any specific punk rock elements on this album besides a noisy guitar here and there, it still carries an individual style and spirit. A track like "The Palimpsest" might be a good example: The first thing we can hear is the perfect blend of two saxophones playing together. The next thing is the rhythm section kicking in, which is more or less the trademark of this group. Steady rhyhtms and a dynamic bass provide a solid groundwork in each track for the melodic saxophone symbiosis. "The Chairman" is probably the most grooving song on "Bring this Sound to the King". It also shows that this group knows how to arrange and orchestrate - There is a clear structure to each tune and every solo and improvisation that you will hear is perfectly embedded in it. Playing smooth notes while bringing that certain element of surprise at the same time is what makes this band unique.

You can stream the album on Alex Weiss' Soundcloud.

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