Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Straight from Philly 1992-1995 EP

I'd like to introduce you to another recent gem of the Chopped Herring Records catalogue. Focussing on tracks from Philadephia of the 1992-1995 period another limited vinyl release is coming your way.

This sampler is part of a producer series featuring Darrin Ross who is most famous for his work on Lord Aaqil's "Check it Out". The six tracks on this one should give you six new reasons to know and appreciate the artists Ross worked with. Each tune is a rare rap joint that is featuring that dope an gritty old school flavour that we have come to expect from this label.

  The Clique - Hassan Chop
  EMF Underground  - Straight From Philly
  ONF Crew - Check It Out  
  Pooh and Kev -  Out in the Place
  Wisecracks - Whaddup Black
  SikAzzClik - Can You Feel It

You can order the record right here or prelisten below.

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