Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

The Coolin' System - Refrigerate After Opening

Ever since getting familiar with the GED Soul Records catalogue there has been this name "The Coolin' System" flying around, submitting a track here and there but never appearing in the form of an LP. With "Refridgerate After Opening" this is about to change and we can appreciate this instrumental soul-jazz collective on 8 full length tracks.

The Nashville based band plays a nice blend of funk, soul and jazz sounds that steadily moves through different forms of rhythms and moods.You can hear solos by a large number of instruments, like guitars, flutes and brass sections. All work nicely together in funky tracks like "Beyond Mobius" or well arranged jazz pieces like "Jungle Juice". Whatever they do, it never lacks a certain groove that transforms any style into an interesting and entertaining kind of music.

You can stream the full album on Bandcamp.

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