Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

Sara Mitra - Baltimore Oriole

Through various digital releases like the Impossible Ark Records sampler or the jazz edition of Label Love, the name Sara Mitra shouldn't be a stranger to regular readers of this blog. As a preview for her upcoming second album "Losing You" you can now find a free download of 3 new tracks.

Its not quite easy to categorize her sound as a bandleader. There are aspects of folk, jazz, soul and probably some more in her music that blend together in her very own style of music. Yet, her songs never sound unfamiliar or strange. That may be due to quite straightforward songwriting, the support of some of UK's finest musicians in Ben Lamdin, Riaan Vosloo or James Allsopp and her soothing voice. In a playful sense and joyful fashion Mitra sings her way through these 3 new tracks which are beginning to paint the picture of an album that we should really be looking forward to.

Get the free (and limited) download on Bandcamp.

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