Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

The Downtown Rulers Club EP

There is a new soul band in town featuring Beto Martínez (Brownout & Grupo Fantasma) on guitar and Alex Chavéz on vocals. The Ben Hito-styled cover above is proof that their debut EP is released through no other than the incredible Paris DJs crew.

The group is completed by Greg Gonzalez on Bass, Jeremy Bruch on Drums, Josh Levy on Saxophone and Mark Gonzalez on Trombone. Their genuine sound is rooted in classic funk breaks and contemporary soul. Working their way through slow ballads like "Standby" and swingin funk tracks like "All My Stories" the Downtown Rulers Club always stays true to the principles of solid song writing and a flexible grooves. On every track you can really hear the presence of veteran musicians. It shows in the accurate arrangement and instrument of the songs. There is not one chorus, brass section or guitar solo to many on this record. Still, this music carries a genuine and original character that is clothed in perfectly orchestrated song structures.

You can stream the full EP on Bandcamp.

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