Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

The Story Of Don Gardner

Next up in Tramp Records' 'The Story Of' series is funk and soul drummer Don Gardner. This LP presents some of his greatest releases and remarkably infectous versions of some groove-classics.

Making a name for himself in his younger years Gardner worked with musicians like Jimmy Smith and later collaborated with singer Dee Dee Ford who was his partner in his hit song "I Need Your Lovin'". A lot of the songs you can hear on this release are classics like "Take Five", "What I'd Say" or the Mar-Keys' "Last Night" that were recorded on the road. At the other hand you will discover some of his very own tracks like "I Really Love You" or "Excedrin". Somehow this LP shows one thing first and foremost: It doesn't matter all that much whose songs Gardner and his band are playing, it is the grooves and the dynamic playing that really stand out and overwhelm you - the songwriting becomes more of a secondary thing. And that is why its a good thing that you can find 22 of those groovy pieces on this record.

You can buy this one at Kudos or directly at Tramp Records.

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