Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Semantix - Cold Plains EP

After forming in 2012 and supporting some big names in Hip Hop in 2013, the Canberra-based rap crew Semantix just recently dropped their debut EP "Cold Plains". Consisting of two MCs (Aplus and Mattrix), one DJ (DJ Dangger) and a Drummer (Obsene) this four man group is not your usual rap combo.

The new release features heavy flows and hard hitting beats on a total of eight tracks. A look at the cover art might give you an idea of the serious and fierce character of this record. Yet this attitude is clothed in funky rhythms and entertaining rap. You will also find guest appearances by Word Eye View, Odeon and Maundz who do their part in polishing tracks like "On & On" and "Power". Semantix is part of the Australian Caps Lock Collective that features lots of talented artists like Context & Jimmy Flipshyt.

Get the full stream and free download of "Cold Plains" on Bandcamp.

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