Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

Mos Eisley Music's 2014 in Rock

Browse Through some great rock oriented records that were posted on this blog this year. There is no intention behind the particular order in which the albums are listed. If you don't feel like reading just scroll down and listen to the complimentary Youtube Playlist.

Headquake - Into The Spiral

Drawing influence from a number of bands like Kyuss or Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Headquake seems to develop their individual sound by using only certain elements and transforming them into something new. Like the use of heavy riffs with a floating rhythmic character in "Spiral" or the uptempo grooves in "All Life Long" that showcase a serious stoner attitude. Though you might find some very nice and fast rocking tracks on this one like "Evil Spirits", I have to go with the slower, aforementioned floating tunes, that really stand out on this album. The psychedelic moods and melodic riffs of "Sky Is The Dream" are probably the best example to sum up Headquake's sound...more

Greenleaf - Trails & Passes

Time and time again you just know what you're gonna get when a new new Greenleaf album is on it's way. "Trails & Passes" shows that same stoner sound and that same energy that makes the swedish band so special. The heavy blues licks and raw vocals put a nice vibe in their straight rock sound...more

Hydromedusa - Debut 7"

Now that the Australian heavy rockers of Hydromedusa have found a new home for their sounds in Major Crimes Records, they instantly put a little taste of their sound on vinyl. Though it's just a two track record the result is still impressing. There is something very heavy and fierce in their music while at the same time you can hear a certain psychedelic mood. "Suspects" and "Faceless" probably have enough potential and energy to destroy a huge number of full length rock records you might have listened to this year...more

Sioux - The One And The Many

Portland's Sioux released a stunning sludge/stoner record in "The One And The Many" earlier this year. This one has been on my list for quite a while and now that I'm actually posting it, it seems like the band is about to split up... well guys, maybe take this as an encouragement to rethink your decision. Anyway, the first thing you will notice listening to this album is its bold approach to heavy riffs and slow stomping rhythms. Tracks like "Faithless" are the perfect example of how easy songwriting can be if you just put the right effort in the way you execute...more


Mt. Mountain - EP

Mt. Mountain is a five piece rock band from Perth that will take you on an intense psychedelic trip. Combining interesting moods with a floating blues character this group really creates an indivdual approach to the rock genre. Their latest release which is plainly entitled "EP" features five excellent tracks. From the start this record knows how to impresss with a kind of mood that will be your best friend while relaxing or a late night's drive. Sometimes you might even miss the transitions from one song to another on this trip. While other records are about special moments this one is one special moment in itself, stretching over 25 minutes with psychedelic guitars, slow rhythms and soothing vocals...more

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