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Mos Eisley Music's Compilations 2014

Browse through a list of some great compilations that were posted on the blog this year. There is no intention behind the particular order in which the records appear.

Spiritual Jazz Vol. 5: The World 
(Jazzman Records)

What can you say about Jazzman Record's Spiritual Jazz series? Time and time again it proved to be one of the best compilation series out there and volume five is raising the bar yet again. The simple title "The World" displays the various roots of these rare jazz pieces, which have almost never seen a reissue. Jazzman's digging brigade worked their way through tons of records from all over the world. The result is a collection of deep jazz tunes from south America, Japan, eastern Europe and various other places. The main focus is on tracks from 1961-1979, a time in which jazz played a crucial role in the contemporary music scene, unlike today. The sounds on Spiritual Jazz 5 show interesting rhyhtmic approaches and always know how to create a very own atmosphere...more

Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul and Psych From Peru's Radical Decade
(Tigers Milk Records)

In one of the best Compilations of the last years, Tiger's Milk Records' "Peru Maravilloso" already took us on a fascinating journey through Peru's rich sounds. Even though its focus was on latin and cumbia vibes you could still hear some decisive psychedelic rock elements in those tunes - the new and upcoming Compilation "Peru Bravo" is setting its focus directly at those sounds while it celebrates Peru's 60's decade. In doing so this sampler will take you to another trip through the country's musical history which is not structured by the search for exotic sounds but for original and honest tracks recorded in a radical decade. Elements of Funk, Soul and Rock blend with latin rhythms and instrumentation in an exciting and raw sound you will only find on "Peru Bravo"...more

Native North America: Aboriginal Folk, Rock and Country 1966-1985
(Light In The Attic Records)

There is no doubt that Light In The Attic Records releases some of the best compilations out there - just take the their Stax selection or the Country Funk series as an example. The latest project focusses on North American records from the 1966-1985 period. Kevin “Sipreano” Howes is the man who traveled and collected these 34 records for about 15 years for this excellent sampler. A lot of the tunes you will hear on this one never made it out of their local communities. Various genres like folk, country, rock and other native sounds make this record not only a documentation of a country's music history but also some great melodies, melancholic moods and original rock music....more 

Brainsqueeze Vol. 2: Have You Seen My Mind
(Tankcrimes Records)

 It's part two of Tankcrimes' Brainsqueeze compilation series and as you can probably guess, this one is pretty heavy and pretty awesome. Artists like The Shrine, Iron Reagan, Kicker, Fucked Up, Impaled, Ghoul and many more make this selection one of the best you might get in this genre - and it's all for free. From brutal metal sounds to high speed punk blokes, you will find it all right here...more

Let’s Boogaloo vol​.​6. Explosive Northern soul, Deep funk and Dancefloor Jazz en El Barrio 
(Record Kicks)

On this incredible collection of latin flavoured tracks assembled by Dean Rudland you will hear various excursions of the appreciated boogaloo sound. Funk, Soul, Jazz and more genres can't resist the characteristic grooves and positive moods, showcased on this one by artists like Los Africanos, Machito & His Orchestra, The Nitty Sextet or Bobby Marin...more

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