Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Banquet Debut 7" Single

The number of talented heavy rock bands coming from the San Francisco area is simply impressive and well illustrated on the roster of Who Can You Trust? Records. The four guys of Banquet are the latest installment to that ensemble and are about to release their debut single on vinyl in March.

With this group we're talking about sounds that carry a heavy dose of 70s Rock'n'Roll flavour and some serious jams. The Banquet approach to the rock genre showcases a high level of energy that is packed in old school riffs, driving rhythms and fierce vocals. The blues elements in the band's sound are distorted to the maximum creating a massive brand of rock music. A lot of reasons to look forward to a full length release by these guys.

Get the stream of "Mother Road" on Bandcamp or in the player below.

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