Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

Lucky Brown - Mystery Road

Tomorrow will see the release of the successor to Lucky Brown's "Space Dream" album on Tramp Records. Due to his work with the label it is no surprise that he's also feeling a lot of sympathy for old school funk grooves - And that is exactly what you will find on "Mystery Road".

It's not only the arrangements that might convey this character, it's also the sound production that sets the vibes of this record a few years back. This could equally be the soundtrack to a classic 70s movie or a collection of breaks for early rap recordings. Different musicians were included in the recording process which must have been more like an endless jam between passionate instrumentalists always searching for the next groove. Tracks like "Argon" or "Brown's Bag" are just the perfect example for this group's vibe.

You can get a preview of "Mystery Road" on Soundcloud or watch out for the full release on Bandcamp.

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