Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

Ed Rowe, Sleep Sinatra & Concept - Concentrated Forces

"Concentrated Forces" is the new EP by the deadly and deep Hip Hop trio formed by Ed Rowe, Sleep Sinatra and Concept. While Sleep Sinatra should be a known name for his collaboration with UK's Jazz Spastiks (which also appeared on this blog's very own compilation), producer Concept made his appearance on this blog through his release featuring rapper MKV. That leaves us with Ed Rowe who is also doing an excellent job on this EP.

On five track plus one instrumental this trio really knows how to work its way through well constructed hip hop tunes using laid back beats and on point rhyming. It's that deep rapping without sounding pathetic and those mellow beats that work perfectly without the need to be pushed to the front. The perfect blend for a great rap release.

Get the full stream and free download on Bandcamp.

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