Montag, 2. Februar 2015

1/6 & The Public Opinion Six 7"

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra is not only one of Australia's top afrobeat ensembles - it is also home and starting point for some interesting side projects. Thus on a brand new 7" single you can hear singer 1/6 rap on side A while Lamine Sonko's vocals appear on the B-side featuring the groups incredible rhythm section.

So after all you will still find some stunning afro grooves on this one only clothed in a slighty different style. Listening to "Cosmetic Love" and "Jappo" you will notice that both tracks are actually build on what is more or less the same instrumental motif though with a different approach in vibes and musical genre. Really something that will make you look forward to the complete groups full length release next year.

Get the record at HopeStreet Records or stream on Soundcloud.

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