Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Best Of January '15

Aaron Goldberg - The Now

Through numerous releases Aaron Goldberg has gained the reputation of a top class jazz pianist and his brand new album is definitely living up to the expectations. "The Now" features a classic trio line-up with Goldberg being accompanied by his long time companions Reuben Rogers on bass and Eric Harland on drums. The music on this record is simply beautiful constructed; finding a nice balance between song-like structures and on point improvisations. And this is what this album is about: capturing a certain moment in time, the now. Goldberg's jazz approach creates a new mood and character each time a song is played depending on how and when it is performed. But as much as this album might be called a  musical snapshot in time it is also a timeless brand of jazz that moves through different vibes and rhythms; presented by a group of playing with a great sense for harmony and momentum...more

 Memory Man - Broadcast One

Though you could already listen to a lot of Memory Man's works on his Bandcamp he has just recently dropped his debut record "Broadcast One" on Chopped Herring Records - and it's a huge one. The DJ from Texas features some incredible MC's on this album like Edan, Prince Po, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Busdriver or Open Mike Eagle. This concept hip hop record was seven years in the making and a few beats and rhymes in it you will know that it was worth it - bringing together old school rap vibes in a modern outfit...more

Myles Sanko - Forever Dreaming

"Forever Dreaming" marks the first full length album by british soul man Myles Sanko. His 2013 EP "Born In Black & White" already proved that you can expect good things from this talented singer and songwriter. As a soul fan you probably won't experience a lot of spectacular surprises but what you will find is a top class soul album with everything you could wish for. Uptempo tunes like "Shooting Star", slow ballads like "Where We Need To Be" or jams as in "Take A Look At Me Now" - it's all there.  There's also a lot of positive energy flowing through every track on this record which makes it such an entertaining one...more

Jake Xerxes Fussell S/T Debut

Just a few notes in Jake Xerxes Fussell's preview track off his upcoming album and you can already tell that you're listening to something special. Who would've thought that the way how he is picking the strings of his guitar and his singing in "Star Girl" might ever sound so refreshing? On the one hand this is due to boring trends in country and folk music. On the other hand it is due to some incredible talent. We're talking about a traditional folk approach that is deeply rooted in the North Carolina territory and what could easily become one of the finest things you might have heard in this genre in a while...more

Hey Mister! - Rocket Summer

Hey Mister is a three piece rock band from Toronto that released their recent album a few months ago. Think of all the aspects you like in a positive punk record and you will find it in "Rocket Summer". The Riffs, the speed, the vocals - it's all there. The danger of creating song structures that sound predictable is eliminated by the fact that almost every track ends before the two minutes mark. Thus on a total of 14 songs this album will stay with you just a bit over 20 minutes, but since we're talking about very entertaining 20 minutes I bet that you couldn't care less; just keep hitting the repeat button...more


T Bird & The Breaks - Harmonizm

After a lot of smaller releases it is nice to see T Bird & The Breaks releasing a full length album again. The funky ensemble from Texas dropped "Harmonizm" a few days ago and again it's nothing but great soulful music and cool vibes. Heavy funk grooves or sweet soul vibes, you will surely find it on this one. The blend of traditional approaches and a kind of modern way how to do things especially on sound production works perfectly on this album. Yet the best thing about this group still remains the positive energy in every note they are playing. Tunes like "Justine" or "Ain't No Sugar" will surely put a smile on every listener's face and a certain pep in their step...more

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