Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Jakob Sørensen - Bagland

"Bagland" is not only Jakob Sørensen's new record, it is also the name of the quintet that the danish trumpeter is leading. The group is completed by Alex Jønsson on guitar, Mathias Jaeger on piano, Frederik Sakham on bass and Frej Lesner on drums.

The cover art above pictures a lonely and rainy setting and a mood that is perfectly captured on this record. At one hand this sound is exactly what you would've come to expect from a scandinavian jazz group while at the other hand "Bagland" is certainly more than just a cliché. The album contains eight original compositions by Jakob Sørensen who is also opening the record with some beautiful notes in "Vindeltrappen". The steady flow of the track and its great development of melodies makes it really special. On other tracks like "Forandringens Fortivlelse" the band shows a more playful approach with different rhythms and improvisations. "Something Pretty" is another song to watch since it features some haunting melodies and a rhythm that is carried by a dynamic bass - all clothed in a calm and peaceful vibe. And there is certainly nothing wrong about feeding off the dreamy and melancholic nordic sound tradition, especially not if you do it in an exciting fashion like this.

Get more information and streams on the group's homepage.

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