Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

City Of Ships - Ultraluminal

There is one thing you can surely say about City Of Ships' sound: It is massive! The heavy rock trio from the United States will release their third record "Ultraluminal" in about one month on Golden Antenna Records.

Who would've thought that only three people can produce such a solid wall of melodic noise? Call it post hardcore, alternative rock or melodic rock - what matters most is the bulletproof character of City Of Ships' tracks. The songwriting is always on point and puts relatively easy structures into a heavy and melodic uniform. Eric Jernigan's vocals seem to be the perfect fit for this brand of rock music as he shows a versatile approach in staying on top of a sonic monster. Tunes like "Preeminence" are stunning examples of the group's sound which could be located somewhere between old Swervedriver and monumental Amplifier hymns.

"Ultraluminal" will be available late next month. Until then you can stream some older tunes on Bandcamp or the first single below.

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